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Our Platform

At Cemvita Factory...

We partner with our clients using the latest synthetic biology methods—that are already disrupting other industries—to bring change to heavy industries and reduce global carbon footprints.

To do this, we have optimized our carbon-negative process in our patented CO2 utilization platform. Currently, the technology employed in our CO2 utilization platform is optimized for three primary applications:


Oil & gas and petrochemicals

Our CO2 utilization platform uses CO2 as the carbon feedstock to produce valuable products such as chemicals intermediates and polymers. This technology allows for fossil fuels to be harvested in a carbon-negative manner.


Carbon-Negative BioRemediation

Carbon dioxide is also captured for use in the bioremediation process, again facilitated by our CO2 utilization platform. This is especially vital to the mining industry, as our carbon-negative process can catalyze the degradation of heavy metals and recovery of acid mine drainage.


Deep Space
In-Situ Resource Utilization

Our nature-inspired pathway absorbs sunlight, CO2, and water to generate glucose and oxygen. Given that glucose is a base nutrient and critical feedstock for almost all biomanufacturing processes, the potential of this type of this system as an in-site resource utilization (ISRU) solution on Mars is revolutionary.

As our client...

We offer a variety of services, ranging from delivering idiosyncratic solutions to your carbon waste problems following a detailed feasibility study, all the way to in-depth techno-economic assessments to ensure your financial wellbeing alongside that of our ecosystem.

We have devised a collaborative working model and will sit down with you at every step to ensure maximum efficiency in our work and satisfaction with your results. Envisioned as a four-step process, Cemvita Factory will effectively turn your CO2 concerns into obsolete worries from your past:


To get started, we will present you with the results of our matchup between your CO2 capture needs and our 30 molecular possibilities for CO2 conversion. To do this, we will conduct a 6-month discovery and provide you with full technical, techno-economical, and lifecycle assessments, along with a scale up study. Together, we will determine the best path forward.


Benefiting from our scientific expertise and the pioneering technologies developed in our advanced labs, we can demonstrate the possibilities of and for your idiosyncratic carbon-capture project in sample sizes of 0.01 liter, 1 liter, and 100 liters.

Scale up

To get one step closer to commercialization, we will scale up your carbon-capture project from 1 liter to first 100 and then 1000 liters; this can be done in under 12 months in our scale up facility in Houston.


We will help your company successfully achieve full-scale commercialization in as little as 2 to 5 years, so that you may profitably and expediently reach your #carbonnegative goals.

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Houston, TX
Scale-up Facility
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+1 832-917-2353