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At Cemvita Factory...

We partner with visionary companies to apply the latest synthetic biology methods—that are already disrupting other industries—to reinvent the heavy industries towards a sustainable future that we all deserve.

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A field of science that involves redesigning microorganisms (microbes) for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities. It used to be that we were getting insulin from the pancrea of pigs until the first genetically engineered, synthetic “human” insulin was produced in 1978 using E. coli bacteria to produce the insulin. Since then, synthetic biology has revolutionized the way we make specialty molecules, such as pharmaceutics, fragrance, cosmetics, and more recently nutrients including the latest artificial meat craze. Synthetic biology is a nature-inspired bioprocess that happens under ambient pressure and temperature, and can use CO2 or methane as feedstock. This positions synthetic biology as a powerful tool in our fight against climate change. 

At Cemvita, we are convinced the time has come to bring synthetic biology to heavy industries.

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As our client...

We collaborate with you to identify how synthetic biology can help to achieve your sustainability goals, save cost, and create new revenue. This can be done either by using CO2 or methane as a feedstock (CCUS) or by replacing energy intensive or chemically invasive processes.

We want to be your extended team, exploring how synthetic biology can help you win. 

Cemvita offers a variety of services, ranging from delivering solutions to your carbon waste problems following a detailed feasibility study, all the way to in-depth techno-economic and life-cycle assessments to provide you with a tangible decision-making framework.

Envisioned as a four-step process, Cemvita Factory brings synthetic biology to the table to ensure a safe and sustainable energy transition journey for our clients:

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To get started, we listen to your concerns and will present you with the results of a complementary feasibility study and propose how synthetic biology can help. Once approved,  we will conduct a 6 month lab-scale discovery and provide you with full technical, techno-economic, and life-cycle assessments, along with a scale up study and ESG assessment toolkit. Together, we will determine the best path forward.

Scale up

Benefiting from our scientific expertise and the pioneering technologies developed in our advanced labs, we can demonstrate the capabilities of the engineered microorganisms at 100 or 1000X the lab scale. This helps to further derisk the target application and provide the process engineering input needed for the next step pilot plant or field implementation demonstration.

Pilot Demonstration

To get one step closer to commercialization, we will work alongside you and other partners including the EPC of choice to further scale up the application and get ready for a seamless commercialization.


We will help your company successfully achieve full-scale commercialization in as little as 2 to 5 years, so that you may profitably and expediently reach your #carbon-negative and #climate-positive goals.


We specialize in industrial-strength synthetic biology applied to decarbonization.



We focus on carbon-negative pathways that use CO2 or Methane as a feedstock.


Non-model Microbes

We have a special focus on growing, optimizing, and utilizing a portfolio of non-model microorganisms including extremophiles with industrial applications.



We help our clients scale up bioprocesses from lab to 1000X scale.


Or MAAS as we call it provides a flexible business model for deployment of synthetic biology in heavy industries. We aim to provide end-to-end service from development to deployment of custom engineered microorganisms by offering various levels of service from licensing of microbes to full biomanufacturing process support.


Explore the different ways we help across a variety of industries and how we can help you make an impact.

How we help

Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU)

Our carbon utilization platform uses CO2 or CH4 as the feedstock to produce valuable products such as chemicals intermediates and polymers...

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How we help

Subsurface Carbon Utilization

Microbes make up the majority of life in the subsurface petroleum reservoirs, and of course carbon sources play a major role in their metabolism...

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How we help

In-space Biomanufacturing

Our nature-inspired pathway absorbs sunlight, CO2, and water to generate glucose and oxygen. Given that glucose is a base nutrient and critical feedstock for almost all biomanufacturing...

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How we help


CEMVITA BIOMINING plans to revolutionize and lower the carbon footprint of the mining industry by application of Synthetic Biology. Cemvita’s Mining team works with companies to optimize existing bioprocesses and...

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