We are making the first bionic solar cell that produces nutrients and life support resources

Our technology is a sustainable in-situ manufacturing solution to enable life support for space exploration with other applications on earth.


Our portable solar cell technology mimics the complete photosynthesis process by simultaneous uptake of solar energy and processing of carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, nutrients and different value added materials.

Our technology is bioregenerative, compact and portable, and offers onsite, in-situ manufacturing of essential life support resources.

Solar Energy
Bionic Solar Cell
Life Support Resources



Space Flight and Planetary Applications

Our technology offers a state-of-the-art versatile and self-regenerative system for producing many of the necessary substances for human planetary exploration including nutrients, pharmaceutics, oxygen and wide range of tailored designed polymers, and value added chemicals.



The technology can be used in remote military operations where in-situ resources are a key factor.


Modern Agriculture and WORLD FOOD SHORTAGE

This sustainable, self-regenerative cell requires little tending, uptakes carbon dioxide from atmosphere and is able to generate nutrients, and other life support substances in resource-scarce regions of the world.



Nutrients can be customized for body fitness application.



Because our technology mimics complete photosynthesis, we can also design different chemical reactions to produce other tailored designer biomass outputs, including pharmaceutics,  probiotics, intravenous fluids by the expense of solar energy.


Our Team

Dr. Tara Karimi

Dr. Tara Karimi is the founder and CEO of Cemvita Factory Inc. She has devoted her academic career to studying biological systems and applying the natural principles to create biologically-inspired technology. Dr. Karimi started her research in veterinary medicine, and from there ventured into biochemistry. The introduction to biochemistry was the onset of her journey into multidisciplinary science as she  completed several projects in tissue engineering, genetic engineering, molecular and developmental biology, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine. As part of these endeavors she genetically programmed stem cells to differentiate to insulin producing cells as an alternative method for insulin injection for diabetes patients. She also programmed stem cells to generate pacemaker and purkinjie cells as an alternative for electronic pacemakers for treatment of arrhythmia.

This broad exposure and passion for the chemistry of living systems allowed her to connect the dots in biology and chemistry to pioneer what she calls cognitive chemistry. She is also the author of the upcoming Springer book titled “Molecular Mechanisms of Autonomy in Biological Systems by the Relativity of Code, Energy, and Mass”. Dr. Karimi received her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine & PhD in Biochemistry from Shiraz University, her Postdoc in Tissue Engineering from University of South Carolina and Postdoc in Stem Cell Programming from Tulane University.

Dr. Sina Moeinzadeh

Dr. Moeinzadeh is a scientist consultant at Cemvita Factory He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with extensive research experience in the fields of polymers, hydrogels, biomaterials, tissue engineering, drug delivery, nanotechnology, micro-fabrication and cancer.

He has expertise in materials characterization including rheometry, NMR, GPC, UV/Vis, DLS, XRD, SEM, TEM, DSC and EDS. and extensive experience in conducting cell cultures, biochemical assays, RT-PCR, ELISA, Western blotting, flow cytometry, fluorescence and confocal microscopy.

Dr. Moeinzadeh has over 40 publications including peer reviewed journal papers, book chapters and conference proceedings, and has presented over 20 presentations at national and international conferences.

Timothy Kopra

Astronaut Timothy Kopra serves as an advisor to Cemvita Factory. An engineer by training, since 1998 Tim has served in various leadership and operational roles at NASA including as Flight Engineer and Commander of the International Space Station. Tim has been responsible for numerous technology development, deployment, and operations programs including for Space Shuttle launch operations, Space Station hardware and communications systems, and spacewalk interface verification and testing.Prior to NASA, Tim served in the US Army for 25 years as an Army aviator. He deployed to Operations Desert Shield and Storm and then commanded an AH-64 Attack Helicopter Company. Following studies at Georgia Tech and completing the US Navy Test Pilot School, Tim served as the Developmental Test Director for the Army’s Comanche Program until his assignment to NASA.His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, United States Military Academy; Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology; Master of Strategic Studies, US Army War College; and Masters of Business Administration from Columbia Business School and London Business School. Extended NASA Resume.

Sidney Nakahodo

Sidney Nakahodo is an advisor for Cemvita Factory. He is a cofounder at New York Space Alliance and a Columbia University lecturer on political, social and economic development in Brazil. He holds an engineering degree in materials science and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University. He has developed low carbon projects at the World Bank, and served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme.  In parallel to his academic responsibilities he is currently involved in a number of technology startups, both as co-founder and advisor.

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