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Carbon-Negative Biomanufacturing

Carbon utilization platform

Our carbon utilization platform uses CO2 as the feedstock to produce valuable products such as chemicals intermediates and polymers. We have identified a portfolio of over 30 critical molecules that can be made from CO2. We work closely with our clients to identify the ideal product to make from CO2, eliminating their emissions and creating a new revenue stream for them.

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Bioethylene from CO2

When Oxy asked us to make ethylene from CO2 we looked into nature and found the answer in bananas! Turns out our bananas produce ethylene in the ripening process, so we took the gene for the ethylene forming enzyme from banana and engineered it into our host microorganism that can use CO2 as a feedstock. Now we have an engineered microorganism that can turn CO2 and water into bioethylene. We have completed the discovery phase of this project and are currently performing scale up with the next step being to build a demonstration pilot plant next to Oxy’s emission source. 

Our early techno-economic assessment promises cost-parity compared to the current cracking process and the life-cycle assessment shows we can utilize 1.7 million tons of CO2 (from the flue gas of a co-gen power plant) to produce 1 billion pounds of bioethylene per year. 

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This technology could provide an opportunity to offer a new, non-hydrocarbon-sourced ethylene product to the market, reducing carbon emissions, and in the future benefit our affiliate, OxyChem, which is a large producer and consumer of ethylene in its chlorovinyls business.”

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