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About Us

The CemVita Factory Team

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Through a sustainable, economical, nature-inspired approach, we empower companies with technological solutions to decrease their carbon footprint, reverse climate change, and create a brighter future for themselves and the planet.

In the fight for a carbon-neutral future, we believe innovation is our only option. With a multidisciplinary, collaborative focus, we’re creating advanced technologies and initiatives that don’t just net climate positive results; they’re actionable and economically advantageous for our partners. Reversing climate change, renewing the health of the planet, and revolutionizing what sustainable, carbon-neutral action can look like - these are lofty but necessary ambitions. We’re doing what needs to be done, fueled by the power of nature, the intelligence of technology, and the passion of individuals and companies who’ve joined forces to achieve their shared economic and environmental goals.

We are a lean, multidisciplinary team working on projects that are essential to a sustainable future. Comprising scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with a passion for hacking the climate crisis, we are ready to reverse climate change. Meet our team leaders below.

WE BElieve

We deserve the carbon-neutral future we imagine.

A healthier planet, a brighter future—these aren’t dreams, they’re works-in-progress. By forging pathways to energy transition across industries, we can improve our shared quality of life and provide future generations with unprecedented possibilities. When we reimagine every challenge as an opportunity, we can reverse climate change.

Sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions must be economical and accessible.

The struggle against climate change will be lost without practical solutions to our most pressing problems. We can’t simply invite those around us to join the fight for our future - we must equip them with the tools to do so. Our innovative solutions are designed for sustainable, long-term adoption and economic viability, so we can build a truly prosperous future.

Collaboration inspires powerful change.

The fight against climate change unites us all. Cemvita brings together scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and companies to adopt our solutions and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Our ever-growing, multi-disciplinary team is ignited into action by the urgency of our mission. When we welcome diverse specialties, experiences, and voices to the table, we nurture a collaborative, productive culture where future-focused thinking thrives.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, harnessing our distinctive skills to engineer a better future. We are empowered and inspired by our values. We are:

  • Mission minded - we measure everything we do against our larger mission and purpose.
  • Pioneering and persistent - we find new answers with curiosity and persistence.
  • Caring and candid - we build trust by communicating openly and listening to learn.
  • Responsible for results - we take personal ownership of the results we deliver.


Karimi siblings Moji and Tara never thought they’d end up starting a company together but their shared passion for sustainability and realizing their complementary skills in science and business brought them together in an entrepreneurial journey to change the world for the better.



Moji is a carbon-negative entrepreneur, and a technology futurist. His mission is to create a sustainable future where humans have applied technology to balance the rate of climate change. A future where humans live in harmony with nature. As an operator, he has a track record of taking a range of multidisciplinary ideas to market. The fruits of this experience became Cemvita Factory, a company that Moji started with his sister Tara in 2017. In his role, Moji serves a team of passionate scientists and engineers on a mission to reimagine the heavy industries for a net-zero economy. This is done by genetic engineering of microbes that enable carbon-negative solutions across oil and gas, chemical, and mining industries.



Tara has devoted her academic and professional careers to studying biological systems and applying natural principles in the service of creating biologically-inspired technology. A multidisciplinary scientist, she has completed several projects in tissue engineering, genetic engineering, molecular and developmental biology, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine. She is also the author of the Springer book titled “Molecular Mechanisms of Autonomy in Biological Systems by the Relativity of Code, Energy, and Mass.” Dr. Karimi received her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine & PhD in Biochemistry from Shiraz University; her Postdoc in Tissue Engineering from University of South Carolina; and Postdoc in Stem Cell Programming from Tulane University.


Cemvita’s efforts are also supported by an extended network of world-class advisors, contractors, and collaborators, including several universities, research institutes, epcs, and national labs.


Charles nelson
Chief Business Officer
Blake Manuel
VP of Strategy & Finance
Marny Reakes
VP of Mining Biotech
Ernesto Simon
VP of Synthetic Biology
Benjamin Reed
Head of Biofoundry Operations
Alex Juminaga
Director of Strain Development
Edris Taher
Director of Bioprocessing Plant Operations & Scaleup
Zach Broussard
Director of Gold Hydrogen
Marina Nadal
Head of Fungal Biotechnology
Marcio Silva
Director of Innovation BioSolutions
Texas Facility

9350 Kirby Dr., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77054

Colorado Facility

8300 Alcott St., Suite 205
Westminster, CO 80031