October 23, 2018


Viriditas is a small, focused, discussion-based workshop geared towards coalescing a practical plan for supporting human life on Mars. It will bring together innovators and visionaries across industry, academia, and government who are interested in applying synthetic biology to space exploration.

Viriditas is a joint effort by the Harvard Systems Biology Department, the Wyss Institute, the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative, and Ginkgo Bioworks.

In her talk, Dr. Tara Karimi presents Cemvita's CO2 Utilization approach that merges chemical engineering and synthetic biology. This would allow for optimizing the CO2 conversion reaction beyond what's possible with either of these methods independently.

Cemvita Factory Inc. is currently commercializing this technology for in-situ bio-manufacturing of food and human life support resources, enabling deep space human exploration and settlement. On earth, this carbon-negative technology enables efficient CO2 Utilization for production of industrial chemicals and polymers.

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October 17, 2018


The ‘Innovation Challenge’ is part of the Mars 2117 Programme.

Adnan Al Rais, Mars 2117 Programme Manager at MBRSC said: “Through the ‘Innovation Challenge’ and other pioneering initiatives, MBRSC offers significant privileges to companies that are still taking their first steps to introduce themselves and accelerate their growth, especially as we are talking about a highly competitive market based primarily on innovation and anticipating the future. Developing the space sector is dependent on the development of applications to cope with the rapid changes in this sector. It is necessary to adopt a new approach that engages startups in the global efforts to support the space industry, and maybe even allow these companies to lead the future of this sector”.

Read the full press release here.

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September 22, 2018

Cemvita Factory Featured on Forbes

Space Tech Startups Are The Key To Making Life On Mars Possible

"Cemvita’s technology mimics photosynthesis to create oxygen, nutritional supplements, probiotics and other useful chemicals from sunlight. This allows astronauts to generate important resources in-situ with very few raw materials—a valuable capability since sending excess provisions with a crew to Mars will likely be cost prohibitive. While the Red Planet’s infamous dust storms could reduce the effectiveness of technologies that rely on solar energy, increased conversion efficiency and the fact that global Martian dust storms only occur once every 5 ½ Earth years mean that solutions such as Cemvita’s likely have a place in extra-planetary exploration."

Read the full article here.

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