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In-space Biomanufacturing

Our nature-inspired pathway absorbs sunlight, CO2, and water to generate glucose and oxygen. Given that glucose is a base nutrient and critical feedstock for almost all biomanufacturing processes, the potential of this type of this system as an in-site resource utilization (ISRU) solution on Mars is revolutionary.

Glucose from CO2

Cemvita has successfully completed the first phase of this project and the next step is to test our system under microgravity aboard the International Space Station in collaboration with our client and a payload implementation partner. We are also applying all the learnings from this project across other applications in our platform for CO2 Utilization on earth. 

Humanity is counting on Elon to get us to Mars but we still need to make sure we can survive there! It’s really risky if we only rely on the food and life support supplies that we are taking with us. But don’t worry, Cemvita has developed a solution. In collaboration with a space agency, we mimicked the photosynthesis process to be able to use the CO2 that astronauts breathe out (1 kg/day/person) and convert it to glucose. This sugar can be directly used as food for the deep space travelers but it can also be food for other microbes to produce more complex nutrients such as amino acids. Fatty acids, and even pharmaceutics.


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